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            New Buyers

            New Owners


            Welcome to the new owners section. Here you’ll find a wealth of information specifically for owners, from guidance on servicing and repair to fuel efficient driving tips.

            Ford Service

            Ford Service

            With Ford Service, you can relax knowing we're always by your side. We've created a range of services to help keep you moving and maintain your car in the very best condition.


            To tailor your Ford even more closely to your lifestyle, there’s a range of Ford accessories, specifically designed for your car and as you’d expect, every accessory has been manufactured to the highest quality and safety standards.

            Accessories to help you personalise your Ford
            New cars servicing and extended roadside assistance plans

            Service Plans

            To ensure your vehicle remains safe and reliable, and to enhance your peace of mind, you can choose a Service Plan that best suits your needs.

            Servicing and repairs

            As a Ford owner, you’ll always find help at hand throughout our extensive national dealer network. Your Ford Dealer provides a comprehensive range of services, making it simple and convenient to keep your Ford in top condition.

            Ford mechanic servicing vehicle
            Ford Pass App

            A smarter way to move is here.

            Discover FordPass Download the App

            Ford Accident Management

            Useful hints - in the event of an accident

            You have the right to choose where your repairs are carried out, even if your insurer operates an approved repairer scheme. These repairers may not have technicians specifically trained to repair Ford vehicles, use Ford repair guidelines or operate Ford approved equipment. The Ford Accident Repair Centre (FARC) network however can guarantee all three.

            A proud heritage

            As a proud owner of a new Ford, we thought you might like to know a little more about Ford, our heritage and our vision for the future.

            Henry Ford Portrait