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            • Tall? Short? Medium sized? Find out how to adjust your driver’s seat and steering wheel so they’re perfectly suited to you.

              For your comfort and safety, it’s important to set your driving position and steering wheel rake correctly. Here’s how to do it:

              • First, make sure your handbrake’s on and the ignition’s off.
              • Grip the steering wheel and sit upright.?
              • Push your bottom to the back of the seat, against the backrest.?
              • Reach under the seat for a lever.?
              • Pull it up to move the seat forwards and backwards.?
              • In the right position, you should be able to push the clutch down.?
              • Your legs and arms should be slightly bent.?
              • Comfortable? Released the lever? Then rock backwards and forwards slightly.?
              • TOP TIP: You’ll probably hear a click when the seat locks safely into place. You’ll feel it, too.
              • Now check the backrest.
              • Put your wrist on top of the steering wheel.?
              • Your shoulders should be touching the backrest. If they’re not, you need to change the angle.? ?
              • On the side of the seat you’ll find a dial. Turn this to change the angle of the backrest.
              • Don’t recline the seat back more than 30 degrees.
              • TOP TIP: For your safety, it’s best to have around 25cm between your breastbone and the airbag cover.??
              • When that’s right, you need to adjust the seat height.?
              • There’s a lever on the side of the seat. Pull or press to change the height of the seat.
              • Again, you should be able to reach the pedals. And when you can see clearly ahead, you’re in the right position.
              • Next, check the height and reach of your steering wheel.
              • Under the steering column, there’s a lever.?
              • Pull it down to release the lock.
              • Now move the wheel up or down.?
              • The top should be about level with your shoulders.?
              • You can move the wheel towards or away from you.?
              • In the right position, you can rest your wrists on it.
              • When everything’s set correctly, use the lever to lock the steering column.
              • Finally, time to adjust the head restraint.
              • To change the height, press and hold the locking button.?
              • The top should be about level with the top of your head.

              DOS AND DON’TS

              • Don’t recline the seatback too far or you’ll be in the wrong position.
              • Do always sit upright against the seatback with your feet flat on the floor.

              That’s how easy it is to adjust your driving seat position and the rake of your steering wheel.

              But if there’s anything you’re not sure about, you can always refer to your Owner’s Manual, or simply contact your Ford Dealer.

              And if you find this video useful, check out the others in our ‘How to…’ series: it’s designed to help you keep your Ford in top condition and make best use of its many features.

            • Imagery and information shown throughout this video may not reflect latest UK specifications, colours may vary, options and/or accessories may be featured at additional cost and locations and vehicles used may be outside of the UK.